33 South Pratt Parkway

Longmont, CO 80501

Suite 200


Tel: 303-485-1000

About Grit Fitness

Grit Fitness was inspired by the spirit of the people of Longmont and Lyon’s who showed such perseverance during and after the flood of 2013.


An outsider at the time, I was particularly drawn to the Boulder county area and inspired by the strong sense of community I observed after the flood. After driving around seeing all the Lyons “We’ve got Grit” bumper stickers, it refreshed my memory of the definition of the word Grit – it became clear to me, I had to name the gym, GRIT Fitness.


At Grit, our purpose is to educate, guide and coach every client & member towards achieving significant, life-changing goals. We have built a great community right here over the past few years and we would love to have you come join us.